January 17, 2014

Cat Warriors for Christmas

Every year at Light Grey Art Lab we do Make My Holiday, a fun event where artists are paired up to swap artwork for the holidays! This year I was paired with Karina Rehrbehn. Karina is awesome and lives in Germany, which is perfect because I have a remedial knowledge of the German language! We spent some time getting to know each other while I occasionally embarrassed myself stumbling over my terrible, rusty German.
Cat Warrior
Karina told me she liked comics, cats, and she has a good sense of humor. So I made this little cat warrior scene for her!
Cat Warrior
In hindsight, maybe Ioan Stones, the little glowing cubes floating over his head, are a little too esoteric for a most people. But they're one of my favorite D&D items so why not?

Karina obviously knows a thing or two about Minneapolis winters and sent me some homemade cherry pit warming pillows to keep me warm during the cold, cold nights. She also gave me a ton of awesome candy and a sweet drawing! I ate the candy, but I think my cats the the biggest fans of the pillows!
Make My Holiday 2013
Make My Holiday 2013Make My Holiday 2013
See what everyone else got in the Make My Holiday recaps on the Light Grey Art Lab blog! And thanks again, Karina!