July 31, 2013

Join Together

My good friend, and all-around amazing artist, Meg Hunt is getting married! And in honor of the union, Meg has organized a big group art show called Join Together which I was invited to be a part of!

I had the good fortune of getting to know Meg over the last few years and I couldn't be happier for her. I've never met Mike personally, but from what I hear he loves playing D&D and deep, complex boardgames like Arkham Horror, which gives him an A+ in my book.

Meg didn't really want sappy and traditional wedding artwork, but told us to think about connections, growth, and coming together, do I mad this piece about people staying in touch despite physical distance. Just like Meg and Mike had to for so long!

Join Together 500 px
Join Together is an amazing show filled with awesome artists, and runs August 9 through September 1 at Land in Portland, Oregon!

The opening reception is Friday, August 9th from 6-10pm. If you're in the area, stop by and give the newlyweds my best!

July 9, 2013

How we record the Light Grey Art Lab podcast

LGAL Podcast How To
When we decided to start the Light Grey Art Lab podcast, it fell on me to figure out how we were going to record it. Recording with four people in the same room is a actually more complicated than recording over Skype, surprisingly. I found it shockingly difficult to find a good online resource for how to podcast locally (ie, not over the internet) and not have the luxury of a studio/soundbooth.

Finding recommendations for a good USB mic or two is easy, but that's about where it ends. Finding any truly helpful information for quality (and affordable) solutions to recording with multiple mics in one room was bizarrely difficult. So after a ton of research and testing, I promised myself that once I got the podcast up and running I would share my solutions. And I didn't want to just put together a list of model numbers, I also wanted to explain why I chose those pieces and how I've liked them since, to help anyone perspective podcasters decide if my needs are truly the same as theirs.

Hopefully someone in a similar boat will find this list and save themselves a few weeks of research and hand-wringing. Although I do have some experience with A/V professionally, I do not claim to be an expert by any stretch of the imagination. But I am a stickler for quality and I'm also conscience of cost, so I think this list is a good, affordable starting point for anyone looking to do a professional-esque podcast on the cheap.