December 30, 2012

Make My Holiday Swap!

artswap 1000
This holiday season we hosted Make My Holiday at Light Grey Art Lab. Basically, we rounded up 120 artists and had a good-old-fashioned art swap! First we had an open call for anyone who wanted to participate. Once we had a ton of people, each artist was paired at random with another and they were instructed to drop each other a line and swap some art!

I was paired with the wonderfully talented (and nice!) Annie Stoll, and I decided to make the piece you see above.

The image is small, I know, so take a peek at a bigger version. My own personal goal with this piece was to keep it simple. I feel like sometimes I add so much texture and layers that it kind of muddies everything out. So I had to keep telling myself 'no more!'

Oh what the heck, here's a detail shot.
artswap detail

Of course, Annie followed through on her half of the deal and sent me an awesome little painting! Which I love, and as you can see, my dogs love too! It's already found a home on my (messy) desk at the studio. Thanks Annie!