October 26, 2012

The Light Grey Tarot; Ten of Swords

Here's the piece I did for The Light Grey Tarot! My card was the Ten of Swords, which, as you can see, is a pretty grim card. To quote the Light Grey Tarot Guidebook, "Defeat, crisis, betrayal, endings, loss, disruption, pain. Sudden and unexpected misfortune." So yeah. But like everything in the Tarot, that reading is only half of it. Nothing in Tarot is really all that bad, on it's own.

And here's the artwork in card form (card back design by Lindsay Nohl).

The Light Grey Tarot was a huge project but it was totally worth it, it's absolutely gorgeous. 78 artist contributed to make one heck of a deck, and we spent a lot of time crafting out own guidebook to work specifically with the artwork of this new deck.

tarot preview

You can buy the deck at the Light Grey Art Lab shop while supplies last! There are also large scale prints of each card!

And if it's not too late, come to the opening! Friday, October 26th at Light Grey Art Lab! Check this post on the Light Grey Art Lab blog for details!

Tarot Show Flier