August 17, 2012

The Fallen Hero

Night of the Exquisite Corpse is a new show we're putting on here at Light Grey Art Lab. It's a pretty crazy show, with over 50 artists contributing work. Chris Schons and Adam Hoppus curated with the show and made the basic template, which each artists customized to their liking.

Each zombie is a surprising amount of work (since you have to think front, side top and back, as well as customizing the die-lines and adding accessories), and Adam was unlucky enough to have cut out and build each of the final pieces while Chris made this phenomenal site that catalogs all the entires in an interactive gallery.

Anyway, here's my entry into the show, The Fallen Hero.


Here's the die-line, and what you'd receive if you purchase one of these babies from the Light Grey Art Lab shop.


And here's a back view, because, hey, it's 3D.


The show opens tonight, with a super fun opening reception from 7-10 pm. The flier is below, and more details can be found here! See you there!


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