June 24, 2012

Mr. Thumbs, I choose you!

Mr. Thumbs

This weekend I had a few free hours (a rarity these days) so I finally did a piece for the collaborative art blog The Clockwork Ballroom. I've been meaning to contribute since they started a while back; The Clockwork Ballroom was started in part by Fran Court, who contributed some excellent patterns during Daily Pattern.

The topic was Design Your Own Pokémon. Which is hilarious. I have played one Pokémon game in my life (Diamond...or Pearl?... if you're wondering) but I don't consider myself a huge fan. Yet here I am with TWO pieces of Pokémon related art this year.

Well, it gave me the perfect excuse to draw something cute and weird, and I'm all for that. There was even a Pokémon Card template provided, which was a fun touch. I modified it a bit to match my art.


In related news, I've been watching Sgt. Frog recently. I really like it and I think you can definitely see the influence on this piece!

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