April 20, 2012

Pokemon Battle Royale: Gastly

I can't believe how fast that month went. The second show at our new space, Light Grey Art Lab, is now completely hung and the opening reception is tomorrow night.

Here's my contribution, Gastly. He's a little ball floating in some smoke. Very simple. It took a few attempts at sketching him until I got far enough away from the orignal design that I could feel comfortable.


The show is, of course, Pokemon Battle Royale. 151 artists taking on the orignal 151 Pokemon.

I can't believe the press and positive feedback we've gotten so far. People are super hyped for this show.A ton of super talented people are involved. If you can't make it to Minneapolis for the show, don't worry. We'll have an online gallery of all the pieces posted very soon.

Also, here's a sneak peek at one of my early, super-sophisticated ideas for the character. Slightly NSFW.


I realize I misspelled Gastly. But inspiration doesn't wait for a spellcheck.