March 20, 2012

Portland Trip and iPad Sketch

I'm in a cave, what now?

The morning after the Light Grey Art Lab Grand Opening, Lindsay and I flew to Portland. We drove to the coast to run around for a bit, but the main point of the trip was to visit our friend Meg Hunt (Lindsay guest taught her class at Pacific Northwest College of Art. While we were there, we also met up with former Minneapolis native Roxy Polk.

The trip was a lot of fun; filled with a ton of good food and fair bit of getting lost...

On the flight home, I took advantage of my inability to move for a couple hours and finally cracked open SketchBook Pro for my iPad. I bought it the day I got my iPad 2, but thanks to Daily Pattern, Light Grey Art Lab and the holidays in general, it took 6+ months to finally use it. And it's a lot of fun.

iPad sketch on the flight home from Portland. SketchBook Pro app.

Drawing digitally with your index finger is a tiny bit frustrating now and then, but overall the interface is remarkably slick. I should have redone the tutorial, though, since I watched it once 6 months ago and i know I'm wasn't using all the handy shortcuts and features.

I recommended picking it up if you've got a device to use it on!

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