December 30, 2012

Make My Holiday Swap!

artswap 1000
This holiday season we hosted Make My Holiday at Light Grey Art Lab. Basically, we rounded up 120 artists and had a good-old-fashioned art swap! First we had an open call for anyone who wanted to participate. Once we had a ton of people, each artist was paired at random with another and they were instructed to drop each other a line and swap some art!

I was paired with the wonderfully talented (and nice!) Annie Stoll, and I decided to make the piece you see above.

The image is small, I know, so take a peek at a bigger version. My own personal goal with this piece was to keep it simple. I feel like sometimes I add so much texture and layers that it kind of muddies everything out. So I had to keep telling myself 'no more!'

Oh what the heck, here's a detail shot.
artswap detail

Of course, Annie followed through on her half of the deal and sent me an awesome little painting! Which I love, and as you can see, my dogs love too! It's already found a home on my (messy) desk at the studio. Thanks Annie!

October 26, 2012

The Light Grey Tarot; Ten of Swords

Here's the piece I did for The Light Grey Tarot! My card was the Ten of Swords, which, as you can see, is a pretty grim card. To quote the Light Grey Tarot Guidebook, "Defeat, crisis, betrayal, endings, loss, disruption, pain. Sudden and unexpected misfortune." So yeah. But like everything in the Tarot, that reading is only half of it. Nothing in Tarot is really all that bad, on it's own.

And here's the artwork in card form (card back design by Lindsay Nohl).

The Light Grey Tarot was a huge project but it was totally worth it, it's absolutely gorgeous. 78 artist contributed to make one heck of a deck, and we spent a lot of time crafting out own guidebook to work specifically with the artwork of this new deck.

tarot preview

You can buy the deck at the Light Grey Art Lab shop while supplies last! There are also large scale prints of each card!

And if it's not too late, come to the opening! Friday, October 26th at Light Grey Art Lab! Check this post on the Light Grey Art Lab blog for details!

Tarot Show Flier

August 17, 2012

The Fallen Hero

Night of the Exquisite Corpse is a new show we're putting on here at Light Grey Art Lab. It's a pretty crazy show, with over 50 artists contributing work. Chris Schons and Adam Hoppus curated with the show and made the basic template, which each artists customized to their liking.

Each zombie is a surprising amount of work (since you have to think front, side top and back, as well as customizing the die-lines and adding accessories), and Adam was unlucky enough to have cut out and build each of the final pieces while Chris made this phenomenal site that catalogs all the entires in an interactive gallery.

Anyway, here's my entry into the show, The Fallen Hero.


Here's the die-line, and what you'd receive if you purchase one of these babies from the Light Grey Art Lab shop.


And here's a back view, because, hey, it's 3D.


The show opens tonight, with a super fun opening reception from 7-10 pm. The flier is below, and more details can be found here! See you there!


June 24, 2012

Mr. Thumbs, I choose you!

Mr. Thumbs

This weekend I had a few free hours (a rarity these days) so I finally did a piece for the collaborative art blog The Clockwork Ballroom. I've been meaning to contribute since they started a while back; The Clockwork Ballroom was started in part by Fran Court, who contributed some excellent patterns during Daily Pattern.

The topic was Design Your Own Pokémon. Which is hilarious. I have played one Pokémon game in my life (Diamond...or Pearl?... if you're wondering) but I don't consider myself a huge fan. Yet here I am with TWO pieces of Pokémon related art this year.

Well, it gave me the perfect excuse to draw something cute and weird, and I'm all for that. There was even a Pokémon Card template provided, which was a fun touch. I modified it a bit to match my art.


In related news, I've been watching Sgt. Frog recently. I really like it and I think you can definitely see the influence on this piece!

April 20, 2012

Pokemon Battle Royale: Gastly

I can't believe how fast that month went. The second show at our new space, Light Grey Art Lab, is now completely hung and the opening reception is tomorrow night.

Here's my contribution, Gastly. He's a little ball floating in some smoke. Very simple. It took a few attempts at sketching him until I got far enough away from the orignal design that I could feel comfortable.


The show is, of course, Pokemon Battle Royale. 151 artists taking on the orignal 151 Pokemon.

I can't believe the press and positive feedback we've gotten so far. People are super hyped for this show.A ton of super talented people are involved. If you can't make it to Minneapolis for the show, don't worry. We'll have an online gallery of all the pieces posted very soon.

Also, here's a sneak peek at one of my early, super-sophisticated ideas for the character. Slightly NSFW.


I realize I misspelled Gastly. But inspiration doesn't wait for a spellcheck.

March 20, 2012

Portland Trip and iPad Sketch

I'm in a cave, what now?

The morning after the Light Grey Art Lab Grand Opening, Lindsay and I flew to Portland. We drove to the coast to run around for a bit, but the main point of the trip was to visit our friend Meg Hunt (Lindsay guest taught her class at Pacific Northwest College of Art. While we were there, we also met up with former Minneapolis native Roxy Polk.

The trip was a lot of fun; filled with a ton of good food and fair bit of getting lost...

On the flight home, I took advantage of my inability to move for a couple hours and finally cracked open SketchBook Pro for my iPad. I bought it the day I got my iPad 2, but thanks to Daily Pattern, Light Grey Art Lab and the holidays in general, it took 6+ months to finally use it. And it's a lot of fun.

iPad sketch on the flight home from Portland. SketchBook Pro app.

Drawing digitally with your index finger is a tiny bit frustrating now and then, but overall the interface is remarkably slick. I should have redone the tutorial, though, since I watched it once 6 months ago and i know I'm wasn't using all the handy shortcuts and features.

I recommended picking it up if you've got a device to use it on!

March 19, 2012

Objects of Power

Whew! We successfully launched Light Grey Art Lab with our Grand Opening Show! It was a HUUUUUGE amount of work but totally worth it!

The Grand Opening was amazing, with hundreds of people, a super fun raffle for free art, and music by DJ Anton...

Here's a collection I made for the show, not officially but kinda called Objects of Power.




Here they are hanging in the show (each one measures about 13"x19"

Set of 3 for Light Grey opening.

In the show I also had four pillows on our pillow wall of patterns!

Pillow wall from Light Grey opening.

March 10, 2012

Light Grey Art Lab progress

Tons of progress on the Light Grey Art Lab space! Follow along on the LGAL blog! It's been taking up most of my time, but I have found some time to make some art for the grand opening! See you there! Gallery entryway hanging lights up! It's almost 4am. Ceilings done, been working for 17 hours? LGAL_lights3 LGAL_window

February 20, 2012

Light Grey Art Lab Update

The construction of our new space, that will house both Light Grey Art Lab and Paper Bicycle, is coming along nicely. It's a ton of work but this place is looking really great, if I may say so myself. Here's a peek at the near-finished gallery space.

Gallery is finished! Finally! Let's do this ish!

Pretty excited to be pulling things together finally!

February 13, 2012

Last-second Valentine's Day Cards

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day! What, did you forget! Don't worry, I got your back, with these Printable Valentine's Cards!


Download a printable version here!


Download and print out one your for sweetie here!

February 6, 2012

Update and Light Grey Art Lab

Here I was, doing so well at going back and posting all the new art I'd been making for Daily Pattern! I'd caught up, even! But things got crazy and I fell right back behind again....

Since then there's been a couple projects I've participated in, Paper Days of Christmas and Repeating Recipes. I'm also working on much-needed website overhaul. But that's all small potatoes...


Most importantly is Light Grey Art Lab, our newest venture! Light Grey Art Lab is, in short, a community center for art & design! We'll be holding a variety of workshops, gallery openings, events and travel workshops for the creative community. It's a huge undertaking and we're in the middle of remodeling our new, beautiful space at 118 E 26th Street #101 in Minneapolis' Whittier neighborhood.

This new studio space will hold all of Paper Bicycle, as well as a couple classroom areas of Light Grey Art Lab, and even a nice gallery. It's pretty overwhelming, but I have faith we'll having everything up and running like clockwork in no time.

Well, eventually, at least. Until then, check out the site and sign up for some classes! A couple have filled already (crazy!) but I'll be teaching one, as well as a lot of other really talented individuals!

Onward! I guess!

January 9, 2012

Bad Cat

I did this for the Kitty Committee topic on Super Awesome Art Challenge.

It was kind of tough because I not terribly great at drawing girls. And backgrounds aren't my favorite. ALSO, even though I do draw a lot of cats, they usually have an odd shape like this one.


And check out a bigger version here!

January 1, 2012