June 25, 2011

Ten Paces and Draw: Handsome Gents!

I participated in Ten Paces and Draw again! This time the topic was Handsome Gents!

I did a sketch of some handsome gents (everyone's handsome to someone, right?) waiting in line to have their hearts broken, which Kate Haberer was given to finish!


And I finished up a dapper fellow as sketched by the super talented Mary Kate McDevitt!


Weee! Also, I'm still doing Daily Pattern, but I'm too lazy to post it here (it's a lot of work!). I'll probably start doing a weekly wrap up, but don't forget to just look at all the patterns on the newly redesigned Paper Bicycle blog!

June 17, 2011

Ten Paces and Draw! Pattern!

Our friend Alyssa Nassner runs a sweet collaborative blog called Ten Paces and Draw. On Monday, a topic is given and a group of chosen artist create a sketch. The sketches are swapped and everyone finishes the piece they were given. On Friday the results are posted. Fun! Scary! Exciting!

This week everyone at Paper Bicycle contributed, so it was a lot of fun, a bit of a struggle and crazy to squeeze in with Daily Pattern still ongoing...

This week the topic was Pattern!

Here's a sketch I sent on Monday:


And here you can see how Alyssa herself finished it up.

I was given a Revolutionary War-themed sketch and here's my final:

(large version here.)

You can see Rachel Dougherty's original sketch here.

See all the this week's entries here!