February 15, 2011

Vessel Drinkware

We recently did a bunch of designs for Vessel Drinkware. I was in charge of the manly subjects like tools, computers and bike gears. Because I'm just super manly like that.

I posted a couple sneak peaks but now I can share a few of the actual designs, because they're now live and available for purchase in their online store!




In all, we did about a dozen designs, plus you can still get the ones we did last year. There's a ton of options, so it doesn't matter if you like hot or cold liquids, you're covered. You can get glass, (BPA free) plastic, stainless steel or ceramic! That's a lot of options! They're really nice quality, too.

You can grab the gear and the circuit now, but the MAKE one doesn't seem to be on the store yet (although you can see it in a couple places on the main site.

Also, you can find most of the ones we made by searching for 'Lindsay' or 'Chris'! Although a few that turn up aren't ours.