May 9, 2011

Pattern: Bones

Life seems too busy lately. On top of working ridiculous hours just to keep up with normal work, we also have been fixing up and moving into a new studio, traveling and trying to wrap up a million projects!

What better way to feed the flame that will inevitably burn me than take part and Lindsay and Francesca's latest idea: Pattern-A-Day? The topics are drawn from a hat, the guidelines are loose: just make a pattern in repeat.

This is, of course, in addition to the mountains of client work we'll never catch up on... I'm not crazy enough to promise to do it every day, but I think I'll try to chip in as much as I can.

The first topic: bones. How perfect, I love bones!


And in repeat:


Bonus! Color variations!



That was a blast! If anything, it should get me posting a little more frequently. I honestly need an intern just to help me keep my blogs up to date. I'm so far behind! I used to be so good at this!

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