November 30, 2010


Most of the projects I work on are at least a year out (for instance; I've been working on designs for Christmas 2011). Usually by the time a project is in the wild, I've long since forgotten about it.

I'm going to try to start posting snippets of designs I'm working on before they slip my mind forever. If the title of the post is Utterances, then just look for a sneak peek and don't expect any context. Cool? Cool.

Here's one to start...

Peek-A-Boo M

I'll also be more regular with my with normal posting soon. I've been traveling, remodeling and doing the holiday thing.

Also! If you didn't know I've been posting a ton on the Paper Bicycle blog. We are trying to make sure to post something cool/inspiring/interesting every day! So bookmark it, add it to your RSS reader of choice, and tell your friends!

Then just sit back and wait for the awesome to roll in!

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