August 6, 2010

Teeth Noir.

July's Super Awesome Art Challenge topic was Teeth. At first I kicked around the idea of drawing straight up teeth, toothy animals, dentists and other cliche stuff.

None of it exactly titillated me. I started thinking about the weird and creepy Dick Tracy characters who were named for their defining characteristics. Flattop. Mumbles. Itchy. Etc... That immediately struck a chord, although my first sketch was too cartoony and... terrible.

As I was drawing I realized that I wanted to go a more creepy, grotesque route, and less of the silly, cartoon-mobster route.

his name is Teeth, but I kept his teeth to a minimum so it wouldn't be too silly. i really just wanted his mouth to be gross.

Fun Fact: although you probably can't tell, but the character was (very slightly) inspired by Fred MacMurray from the 1944 Film Noir classic Double Indemnity.

Funner Fact: I am somehow related to Fred MacMurray.

I like the end product, I think. I wish I would have kept some versions along the way. Every time I do a painting like this, it always starts way too light and pale. I'll think I'm almost finished, and I won't notice until I step back and take a good look. Then I keep repainting, pumping up the saturation and contrast again and again.

But I think that's just how it has to go. Hopefully someday I will be able to do it right the first time.

1 comment:

Francesca said...

Teeth McLipster. He's a creeper...even the whites of his eyes give me the chills.
I really enjoy the opaque painting you've been doing. The colors you choose with these are especially nice.