July 13, 2010

Zipper Zapper Nerd Gorilla.

This month's Super Awesome Art Challenge was Zipper Zapper.

So the obvious answer was this:


A nerd in a cheap gorilla suit psyching himself up to exact revenge upon his enemies via laser gun.


I really just used this as an excuse to try some new things. I've been kind of looking for a new way to approach coloring things digitally, especially after my oil painting class.

I limited myself to only using the standard, round brush in Photoshop with 100% hardness. I also limited myself to painting on one layer, instead of dozen's like I normally do. I avoided flat color and made sure there was a lot of small variations with slight temperature differences in all the colors.

I was looking for something to excite me and this method did just that. I feel like I can push it a lot further, I think some more practice is in order...

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