May 7, 2010

Oil Fishy.

I few weeks ago a mentioned I had started an oil painting class. It's a short class, just 4 Thursday nights in a row, 3 hours per class. It's been great since it's the only time I can do art outside of work (thanks to our ongoing DIY kitchen remodel for a reality TV program).

Mainly the class has resulted in a few 1/2 finished, terrible paintings. But the final week was just a "work on whatevs" week, so I brought in a sketch of something I thought I could finish in a couple hours.

And I did! Huzzah, an oil painting!

sea man oil painting
hmmm, something's awfully fishy.

It's still quite wet and I'm not sure how to best photograph it, so I just took a snapshot for now. There's a whole lot of glare on it, though. The background is especially off, so hopefully I can figure out a good way to shoot it.

My final say? Oil painting is cool. I like it miles better than acrylic and watercolor. I'd love to do it more once the dust settles around here...