April 16, 2010

Oil kitty?

Things are superduperdoublescoop crazy right now. I will spare the details but I often feel like I'm in a narrow, dark tunnel with a runaway train barreling down behind me, and all I can do is try to keep up. Things will continue at this pace until mid May, at least, which I try not to think about.

For a nice, relaxing change of pace, we signed up for an oil painting class. I've never used oil paints and just needed an excuse to try. The class is just a very low pressure community class, but it's a chance to try it out.

On the first day we just walked through some of the basics of oil painting for a couple hours, then we got a bit to play with the paint. I painted this kitty. That's as far as I could get in an hour and I'd like to go back and add to it, for sure.

kitty oil painting

I make cats like this all the time, but we had about an hour so I just painted the first thing I could think of. Which is, of course, a cute kitty.

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