March 4, 2010

Chill, man!

Capcom Unity is running a contest! Actually, they are running a bunch of contests in a row! But I'm only participating in one!

Each week they have users do a rendition of a Mega Man 10 boss. This week it was Chillman, and I decided to give it a go.

Chillman is one cold dude. Here's what the official art looks like:

chillman reference

And here is my Chillman.

he's cold. blooded.

I'll update with a link if I win. There's an art book or something on the line, but it doesn't concern me much. I've been promised prizes once before, with nothing to show for it... (I hope you read this and are very sorry, Mr. Capcom!)

UPDATE: I lost.

UPDATE 2: But Seth Killian (aka S-Kill, aka Street Fighter hustler extraordinaire, aka face of Capcom in the West...) picked it as his favorite of the bunch!


Francesca said...

Sooo coooool. Literally!

Jesse said...

Hey that's pretty sweet. I bet he would be a hit at parties.