January 6, 2010

Get ready.

I've been wanting to mess around with this photo since Lindsay took it this past summer. I also wanted to use this new font I picked up from YouWorkForThem.

Get Ready- Step 6
it's all i can think about.

Maybe it's done. Maybe not. It was just for fun anyway. It's better at the larger size.

EDIT: My friend Jesse asked to see a breakdown of the process, so if that kind of junk interests you, hit the jump:

Step 0:

Get Ready- Step 0

Every time I look out over an open body of water, I can't help help think about how awesome it would be if a giant monster rose out of the water right in front of me. This picture totally reminded me of that feeling of anticipation, so I used it at my starting point.

Step 1:

Get Ready- Step 1

I wanted to simple monster that was mainly a strange silhouette, so I grabbed this drawing a did a while back for a starting point. Ignore the skeleton, the Tremor-like monster in the back ground is what's important. I also wanted to use that new font, so I thought it should be on the horizon. Probably.

Step 2:

Get Ready- Step 2

Then I drew the basic worm monster (A) in illustrator. Easy-peasy. I added some linework details and shading on his 'legs' (B). And finally, to make him more of a silhouette and fit into the dark photo, I added 10 layers of Black/White gradients, at different angels, opacities, and transparencies (Multiply for shadows, Screen for highlights).

Step 3:

Get Ready- Step 3

I plopped in the worm drawing, and used a layer mask to roughly blend him into the sea.

Step 4:

Get Ready- Step 4

Once the worm was in, I decided he wasn't blending enough, so I added some light drop shadows, blurred the edges, then added 5 more layers of subtle dark/contrast and gradients. I also added a slight grain to take away some of the crisp Illustrator look. To create his reflection, I simply selected my own reflection then copied, layered and stretched it to match the size of the worm. And finally I lightened it a bit to match his color better.

Step 5:

Get Ready- Step 5

I added the splash effect by just using a little trial and error and a number of materials. I used a rough, scumbling Photoshop brush to create the mist, some basic splatter textures to add the spray, and finally snippets of a couple scanned textures to meld them together a bit better. All told, the 'splash' is 8 white layers, and 3 black.

Step 6:

Get Ready- Step 6

I went back and added the text, used a layer mask to erase at the horizon, and threw on a blur to soften it a bit. The final step was to overlay a solid yellow layer to mesh the colors a bit, add a couple very light layers of vignetting... and violá! A scary monster encounter!


adam H. said...

Oh man!! I think about that all the fricken' time!!!

Jesse said...

I'd like to see the individual layers/process on this. I am intrigued by how you constructed the splash and how to went about adding the dark reflection to the water.

Enjoyable image over all. I think.

Jesse said...