February 27, 2009


End of the month = Super Awesome Art Challenge time.

This month's theme: CMYKupid.

These kittens have been visited by Cupid, leaving them with sinful desires, which equals cute baby kittens!

that poor baby, shot by a big scary LoveArrow...

For those who follow my other blog, this may look familiar. It's because a week or so ago I posted the pencil sketch...

February 25, 2009

Evolution of a Frog.

The frog drawing I did is also posted on my other blog A Day in the Life, but I'm posting it here in context.

Last night Lindsay did a weird t-shirt illustration of a frog:

Lindsay Frog 1.jpg
what a strange frog. by lindsay.

Today, during a meeting, I was thinking about that strange frog, and I drew this:

this one is also strange. by me.

When I came home and I showed Lindsay my weird frog drawing, she painted a bunch of little hilarious frog dudes. Here's one:

Lindsay Frog 2.jpg
less strange, more cute. by lindsay.

You can see the rest over on her blog, Lindsay's Sketchbook.