December 17, 2009

Santa at your local Target store!

Remember this time last year when you ran out and bought my Rockin' Santa Gift Card from Target?

Well, there's a NEW gift card in town this year! Skatin' Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

Skatin' Santa
oh, sweet moves Santa!

Go get it!

What's that? You need two super-sweet gift cards for your loved ones? Well, good thing Rockin' Santa is back again this year!

This time it should be easier to find, since it's in the front aisle display (right next to the checkout) nationwide (before I think you had to look in the Greeting Card section, and maybe Electronics).

Here's another pic incase you forgot what it looks like and are too lazy to click a link:

rockin' for the holidays!


Jesse said...

Did you recycle that Santa Face? Also, Santa Face sounds like a town in New Mexico.

Chris H. said...

Nope, it's just the way I draw faces. When they have to be nice and cute and not gross.