November 5, 2009

A Very Brutal Halloween.

This Halloween a group of friends and I decided to go as characters from the brutally awesome Double Fine game Brutal Legend!

We all put a lot of work our outfits, and since I made my outfit with my own two hands, I figured I would post the results here...

I went as the bad-mother-effin' Eddie Riggs. Lindsay ( went as the beautiful Ophelia. Ryan ( was the slightly out-of-it Mangus. Chris C ( was the always cucumber-cool Kill Master. And Adam ( went as the very disturbing Lionwhyte...

Brutal Group 1.jpg
from left to right: mangus, eddie, ophelia, lionwhyte and kill master.

Eddie 2.jpg
eddie in all his glory.

Eddie 5.jpg
a sweet axe on my back, and a bloody axe in my hand...

That fake cigarette alone took nearly 1/2 hour to make! And that wicked metal vest is actually a coat for a 9 year old with no sleeves!

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