April 13, 2009

Conserve with friends, aka CWF.

Lately I've been really busy. Birthdays, travel, product design, logo design. Some of it has been fun (mainly the former) some of it less fun (mainly the latter). And all the while (about a month) I've been immensely sick. Sucky.

It's been kind of rush, rush, rush lately, so tonight I forced myself to just sit down for a couple hours and just have fun. This is the result. You can see the original sketch at A Day in the Life.

I asked Lindsay a word and she said "conserve." Now you know the origin story of this drawing...

share in color.jpg
nice pink living space, kitten! cotton candy-ish!


Chris said...

totally cute and awesome! I lurve the textures!

Lindsay said...

this is the cutiest!