March 21, 2009

Black like my heart.

Sometimes projects once projects are finished and out the door, and they get canceled. Despite dozens, or sometimes hundreds, of hours of work, the designs will never see the light of day.

It happens slightly more than you might expect (maybe that's because a lot of the companies I work for design a year out from market).

Here's a peak at a abandoned project. It was quite different and now has nothing to do with the original concept. I'm trying to re-work bits and pieces and not let them go to waste. I worked hard on these, and it makes me sad to not see them out there in the world...

my heart bleeds black.jpg
my heart is PANTONE Black C

1 comment:

adam H. said...

Holy crap! I LOVE this!!! And I totally know what you mean about wishing some designs don't die.