March 21, 2009

Black like my heart.

Sometimes projects once projects are finished and out the door, and they get canceled. Despite dozens, or sometimes hundreds, of hours of work, the designs will never see the light of day.

It happens slightly more than you might expect (maybe that's because a lot of the companies I work for design a year out from market).

Here's a peak at a abandoned project. It was quite different and now has nothing to do with the original concept. I'm trying to re-work bits and pieces and not let them go to waste. I worked hard on these, and it makes me sad to not see them out there in the world...

my heart bleeds black.jpg
my heart is PANTONE Black C

March 14, 2009

BigRig McGiggs is the Man.

One thing I like about being a professional artist: I have lots of amazing artist friends..

Like Jesse Riggle, homeboy from way back.

A while ago I posted this drawing to A Day in the Life...

nice teeth
nice teeth, teethmo.

...which Jesse took and made this...

nice teeth_jesse.jpg
dripping with awesome.

Totally righteous.

March 9, 2009

Money. Rinse. Repeat.

Do you ever feel like the world is in the mess it's in because of greedy motherfuckers? Sometimes I do. When I'm in a bad mood. I had an idea the other day that I wanted to play around with. I wanted to get the idea "down on paper" before I forgot, so viola.

This isn't really what I was envisioning at all, but I just needed to start playing around with the type first. I expect in the end it will be all hand-done, but this was just a starting point.

money idea-working.jpg
i think I need one more money in there...

I'll probably keep working on it whenever I can steal a moment. So, I guess I'm saying, maybe never...

March 6, 2009

veering off topic.

This first breathed life when we were throwing around ideas for wedding stuff, and it became something strange.

Linework and Silhouettes.jpg

Lindsay drew the silhouettes, I added the color/texture/linework.