January 31, 2009

Hooray for Capcom Unity!

I am a huge fan of Capcom. Some of my favorite videogame franchises of all time were published by Capcom. Stuff like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Okami, Bionic Commando, Pheonix Wright, Darkstalkers, and Marvel VS Capcom (I actually recently payed over 100 bucks to get another copy of Marvel Vs Capcom 2, because it's one of the greatest games of all time). The list could go on.

So when I saw a post on the offical Capcom blog, Capcom Unity, calling out for fan art, I sent them a link to my stuff. Since I did a couple of pieces a while back anyway, I figured 'who better to appreciate it?' I didn't think much of it, and that was a few days ago.

So I was super pleased when I got an email letting me know I was being featured on the blog.

hey, awesome!

They are sending some sort of prize my way, which is even doper. I'm crossing my fingers for an advance copy of Street Fighter 4. A dude can dream, right?

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Steve said...

Hey Chris! I've been outta the loop for a while, but just saw this n wanted to say congrats! I got to play SFIV while I was home over the holidays and it was pretty sweet, but I still wish it was all 2D. I was much more excited to play Tatsunoko VS Capcom, which is only out on Wii and arcades in Japan for some reason. It's like MVSC2 but only 2 people per team and there's not nearly as many characters. 2 of them are huge, though (one of whom is the mech from Lost Planet), so if you choose one of them you get no partner. Tatsunoko is a company that did a lot of classic cartoons that resonate with people our age in Japan... namely Gatchaman, but because the rights for the characters are different in the U.S. they don't know if they'll be able to release it here. I'm hoping for an Xbox or PS3 release myself.
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