December 20, 2009

Consider me updated.

Oh, hello there. I didn't see you come in... Beautiful weather we're having, isn't it?

Well, since you're here, I wonder if you've visited lately?

It may look pretty much same from the outside, but I've updated it with a bunch of new work.

Of course, if you're reading this post than you're probably one of the 3 or 4 regular visitors to the blog, so you've seen it all already. But still. Pretty nifty...

December 17, 2009

Santa at your local Target store!

Remember this time last year when you ran out and bought my Rockin' Santa Gift Card from Target?

Well, there's a NEW gift card in town this year! Skatin' Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

Skatin' Santa
oh, sweet moves Santa!

Go get it!

What's that? You need two super-sweet gift cards for your loved ones? Well, good thing Rockin' Santa is back again this year!

This time it should be easier to find, since it's in the front aisle display (right next to the checkout) nationwide (before I think you had to look in the Greeting Card section, and maybe Electronics).

Here's another pic incase you forgot what it looks like and are too lazy to click a link:

rockin' for the holidays!

November 22, 2009

dangerous love.

Amazingly, this piece was a long time in the making. My attention has been so divided lately, I actually started this before the wedding and it took me this long to finish it up. I'd fool around with it on and off but I was never very happy with it until today. Now I'm just happy enough to call it quits.

Dangerous Love
can love blossom on the battlefield?

Frogs and flies! What what?

P.S. Extra nerd credit if anyone gets the videogame reference in this post. It's pretty easy, though.

P.P.S. It's not Frogger. It's a quote from one of the sweetest games ever.

November 6, 2009

One nasty boo-boo.

I'm back! With a Super Awesome Art Challenge, no less! "Boo Boo" was October's topic, and this got me thinking. Really, really hard.

All ghosts say "Boo! Boo!" Also, all ghosts suffered some lethal boo-boo that turned them into ghosts. Right?

Did you ever wonder what ghosts might look like under their spooky sheets? They probably look real dead. And being dead is the ultimate boo-boo.

boo boo.jpg
ugh, put that sheet back on. you nasty!

November 5, 2009

A Very Brutal Halloween.

This Halloween a group of friends and I decided to go as characters from the brutally awesome Double Fine game Brutal Legend!

We all put a lot of work our outfits, and since I made my outfit with my own two hands, I figured I would post the results here...

I went as the bad-mother-effin' Eddie Riggs. Lindsay ( went as the beautiful Ophelia. Ryan ( was the slightly out-of-it Mangus. Chris C ( was the always cucumber-cool Kill Master. And Adam ( went as the very disturbing Lionwhyte...

Brutal Group 1.jpg
from left to right: mangus, eddie, ophelia, lionwhyte and kill master.

Eddie 2.jpg
eddie in all his glory.

Eddie 5.jpg
a sweet axe on my back, and a bloody axe in my hand...

That fake cigarette alone took nearly 1/2 hour to make! And that wicked metal vest is actually a coat for a 9 year old with no sleeves!

November 4, 2009

Me me me.

Isara of Polaire tagged me! I don't normally do this kinda thing, but since I've been so lax on my blog lately I figured why not? Don't worry; actual art is coming soon... I've been writing a billion Thank You cards and figuring out where to put a lot of new junk in our overly cluttered house. And making sweet Halloween costumes (I should post that, as well...).

Here are the rules: answer the questions, replace a question that you don’t like, with one by your choice, add one more question , and tag 8 people to continue the game of tagging. Although be warned; I might not tag anyone. If you're reading this and want to consider yourself tagged, please do.

What is the thing that makes you happy? Nachos. Even though I'm lactose intolerant.

Coffee or tea? Neither. Gross. Ew.

What’s for dinner? Greek salad. You don't know what I had to go through to get it, either. I really wanted it.

What was the last thing you bought? A car. Technically, I just put a deposit on it and I don't have the car yet. So maybe Borderlands for the Xbox 360.

What are you listening to right now? The jams. Specifically the new AntiPop Consortium album. But all jams in general do apply.

What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe? My shoes. The flashy ones.

What is your favourite ice cream flavour? Vanilla. Yeah, I said it.

What do you think of the person(s) who tagged you? Cute and small.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? To bed.

Which language do you want to learn? Cat.

What is your favourite colour? Black. All shades.

If you had £100 now, what would you spend it on? I'd put it towards my new car, probably. Or a copy of Modern Warfare 2. Or I wouldn't spend it at all because the cashier would throw it back in my face and demand real AMERICAN money!

What is your favorite animal? I do not discriminate. All of them.

Describe your personal style? I... I don't know. I guess all gray with a pop of color. Or maybe "Fresh to Def."

What are you going to do after this? Go to the gym. Yay.

What are your favourite movies? Rocky Horror Picture Show, Grease. I don't even know anymore.

What inspires you? Lindsay. Twink. The internet?

What is your favourite fruit? Mango works for me.

Do you collect something? Shoes, videogames, music and pets. Clutter.

How many hours do you sleep a day? I'd like 8, I get by on about 5.

How many times do you press the snooze button before you get up? 2-4.

What is your favourite smell? Um, anything that's not soaked in cat pee.

What is your biggest regret? Not getting that mini samurai sword at Epcot Center when I was in 4th grade. Man, I would have been set on the "stud" path for LIFE had I gotten that sword...

What are you most proud of? My gamerscore?

Cats or dogs? What? Like who would win in a fight? Me.

What’s your biggest fashion mistake? My face.

What is your guilty TV pleasure? Twilight Zone, I guess. That's some spooky stuff.

What did you want to be when you grew up? Paleontologist. I thought that meant I get to hang with dinosaurs.

If you could meet any person dead or alive who would it be? Someone who would give me tons of money to make whatever art I wanted, I guess.

What is your biggest dream? See previous answer.

What was your favorite book when you were a child? Any Choose Your Own Adventure Book. Maybe the one about the race in Africa, in particular.

If today was your last day on earth what would you be doing? I would respect Isara's strange wishes and cuddle with her.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? The power to see naked ladies. ALL the time.

If you joined the circus, what act would you perform? Muscle Man. They have the sweetest bathing suits.

What fictional character do you feel is most like you? That's easy. Teen Wolf. We both win basketball games left and right. All the time, dunk, dunk, dunk.

My question for you: If you could tickle fight one person, fictional or real, who would it be? And where would you tickle them the most? The crotch? I knew it... You sick.

October 5, 2009

Operation Wedding: Mission Complete!

Alright. Another non-art post, but humor me. The wedding is over, so I hope to get life back to normal soon...

We had a photo booth at the wedding, and I love the look of photo booth pictures. So I thought I would post one.

photo strip.png
that is all.

September 28, 2009

wedding bells.

Hey! Did you know that Lindsay's Paper Bicycle is featured over on Print & Pattern? Because it is!

Speaking of Lindsay, we're getting married in about 4 days (which is the main reason I've haven't been posting anything lately...) and here's our wedding invites!

wedding invite.jpg

We each did a drawing of our own feet, otherwise Lindsay handled the rest!

Also in the realm of Lindsay+Chris related art, the Super Awesome Art Challenge has gone on a photoshopping tangent this month, so here's my gender-bending entry:


Hot stuff, I know...
(the original can be found here for any interested parties...)

Alright the end! Until after the big day, I'm out!

September 13, 2009

Sky Kittens

If you're a rigid follower of the Super Awesome Art Challenge then you've already seen this. But for those who just can't be bothered:

balloon baby V1.jpg
those sure are baby kitties in colorful balloons... yep.

Like I said on my SAAC post, I finished and posted this piece immediately. Usually I'd take the time to let it sink in and decide to tweak colors, fine tune details or add and subtract anything I felt was wrong.

But things are too crazy right now, so I just put it up.

Take this as the official warning that, with the wedding T-Minus 20 days and counting, I probably won't be posting anything else for a while.

August 18, 2009

I don't get the money.

buy my s.jpg

Sandbox Theatre is having a Summer Benefit Party on August 20th. That's in two days!

There will be food, drinks, entertainment and best of all; a silent auction where you could pick up some super sweet artwork!

How do I know? Because, silly, I donated a bunch of pieces! So if you've got the time, stop by The Red Eye Theater between 6:30 and 9:00 this Thursday!

I'm sure you can find out more at their site.

August 9, 2009

Cats in the Goove.

Here's another cat, similar to the last one I posted. Actually, it's from the same eventual piece...

CatHeadphones working.jpg
the cat is using headphones. that's pretty dang good, even if he doesn't know exactly where to put them...

August 6, 2009


Sandbox Theatre had me do a promo for their upcoming show, .faust.

This isn't the final, final version (for the sake of being legible) but it's my favorite version, so here it is...


The show opens November 6th, and runs through the 22nd, and I can't wait to check it out.

I saw their last show, The Horse, the Bird, the Monkey & the Dancer (which I also did some art for) and it was totally awesome.

Sandbox Theatre has a really unique and exciting way of putting together shows (watch the video under "about Sandbox" on their site). If you get the chance, check it out...

I never know what to expect, but it always seems to be good.

August 4, 2009

North Shore.

I just got back from an extended weekend on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Between Lindsay and myself (so I feel like they're all collaborative), we took a lot of pictures (about 300?), and I have a couple that I especially like...

sea monster? no, it's me! don't be scared!

This one Lindsay took, and I keep coming back to it and staring at it for some reason. I really like the dark, murky atmosphere.

You can see a larger (and cooler) version here.

sea monster? no, it's just lindsay's big hair!

On the flip side, I took this one, and I really like the saturation and harsh light. It was actually taken about 50 feet from the first one...

You can check out the large version here.

July 26, 2009

Cats at Knight.

This is but one part of a new piece I'm working up. The whole piece has a long way to go but it's been a while since I last posted, so I wanted to share something.

CatKnight working.jpg
light as air, and deadly as air that blows sharp things around really fast.

I just wrapped up a few projects I've been working hard on the last few weeks. I should be able to share one of them soon, but the other will have to wait until Christmas (2009, I think. But it might even be 2010 now that I think about it...).

Working on projects is cool but sometimes it gets in the way of doing my own stuff. You know, stuff like cute floating cats with armor.

July 4, 2009

I'm no Cowboy.

Here's a quick color version of this sketch I drew the other day.


I've been reading Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian: Or the Evening Redness in the West lately, so I guess I have hard-livin' cowboys on the brain. I don't think I would have cut it in that world. My tummy turns just thinking about it.

June 23, 2009

The Ghoul.

The topic of the Super Awesome Art Challenge this month was Hula Ghoula. I could have made it really silly, but that seemed too obvious for the title.

Not to say this isn't a little silly. I guess it is.

hula ghoula.jpg
the ghoul.

This took a lot of iteration and a good chunk of time. I did a few drawings I liked, but I just wasn't hitting the right notes at first. It was a little like pulling teeth, but in the end I am pretty dang happy with it.

June 21, 2009

non-product shots.

I feel like I've been doing a lot of projects that I can't share publicly. At least, not right now. Which is fine and dandy, but it makes for a boring blog.

Most of my time is spent doing product design. Which is done a year in advance, so I never post it here. By the time it hits shelves, I've long since forgot/lost interest.

But, surprisingly, I did get to grab a bunch of product the other day (that both Lindsay and I worked on) and take it home. Well, I actually took it to the new Paper Bicycle studio and filled up some of the empty space.

On a completely unrelated note, I'm going to post a couple pictures of the studio space. If there's some product in there, too, then I guess the can't be helped...


sneak peak 1.jpg
funny, this room has some halloween decorations in it in the middle of june. how embarrassing....

sneak peak 2.jpg
wow, those are some nice shelves. ikea really outdid themselves on this shelving unit!

sneak peak 3.jpg
so nice we had to buy it twice! hmm, this doesn't show much...

sneak peak 4.jpg
better get a close-up of these sturdy, square units!

Whoo. New studio.

May 9, 2009



A photo? What? Who's blog is this? Don't I just draw dumb crap all the time, you ask?

To be honest, I've always been into photography. Ever since I was a kid. I've also always been terrible at it. I guess I just don't really have the eye for photography, and I'll be the first to admit it.

However, I did invest in a nicer camera recently, just so I'd be more motivated to take more photos. And I was happy with this picture, because it is very cute, so I figured why not? I can post what I want, right?

So from now on, if I take a photo I particularly like, you'll see it here.

If you don't like you can kiss my Converse.

April 30, 2009

Abandoned Robot.

The theme of the Super Awesome Art Challenge this month was Retrobot.

I really struggled fining an angle that held my attention, but I finally did a tiny thumbnail that got me interested. It became this...

i guess "retro" means "sad and loney" or something...

I'm having a terrible time getting the colors to reproduce on the web, a problem I don't normally run into. It's not a big deal, but it's bugging the heck out of me...

April 13, 2009

Conserve with friends, aka CWF.

Lately I've been really busy. Birthdays, travel, product design, logo design. Some of it has been fun (mainly the former) some of it less fun (mainly the latter). And all the while (about a month) I've been immensely sick. Sucky.

It's been kind of rush, rush, rush lately, so tonight I forced myself to just sit down for a couple hours and just have fun. This is the result. You can see the original sketch at A Day in the Life.

I asked Lindsay a word and she said "conserve." Now you know the origin story of this drawing...

share in color.jpg
nice pink living space, kitten! cotton candy-ish!

March 21, 2009

Black like my heart.

Sometimes projects once projects are finished and out the door, and they get canceled. Despite dozens, or sometimes hundreds, of hours of work, the designs will never see the light of day.

It happens slightly more than you might expect (maybe that's because a lot of the companies I work for design a year out from market).

Here's a peak at a abandoned project. It was quite different and now has nothing to do with the original concept. I'm trying to re-work bits and pieces and not let them go to waste. I worked hard on these, and it makes me sad to not see them out there in the world...

my heart bleeds black.jpg
my heart is PANTONE Black C

March 14, 2009

BigRig McGiggs is the Man.

One thing I like about being a professional artist: I have lots of amazing artist friends..

Like Jesse Riggle, homeboy from way back.

A while ago I posted this drawing to A Day in the Life...

nice teeth
nice teeth, teethmo.

...which Jesse took and made this...

nice teeth_jesse.jpg
dripping with awesome.

Totally righteous.

March 9, 2009

Money. Rinse. Repeat.

Do you ever feel like the world is in the mess it's in because of greedy motherfuckers? Sometimes I do. When I'm in a bad mood. I had an idea the other day that I wanted to play around with. I wanted to get the idea "down on paper" before I forgot, so viola.

This isn't really what I was envisioning at all, but I just needed to start playing around with the type first. I expect in the end it will be all hand-done, but this was just a starting point.

money idea-working.jpg
i think I need one more money in there...

I'll probably keep working on it whenever I can steal a moment. So, I guess I'm saying, maybe never...

March 6, 2009

veering off topic.

This first breathed life when we were throwing around ideas for wedding stuff, and it became something strange.

Linework and Silhouettes.jpg

Lindsay drew the silhouettes, I added the color/texture/linework.

February 27, 2009


End of the month = Super Awesome Art Challenge time.

This month's theme: CMYKupid.

These kittens have been visited by Cupid, leaving them with sinful desires, which equals cute baby kittens!

that poor baby, shot by a big scary LoveArrow...

For those who follow my other blog, this may look familiar. It's because a week or so ago I posted the pencil sketch...

February 25, 2009

Evolution of a Frog.

The frog drawing I did is also posted on my other blog A Day in the Life, but I'm posting it here in context.

Last night Lindsay did a weird t-shirt illustration of a frog:

Lindsay Frog 1.jpg
what a strange frog. by lindsay.

Today, during a meeting, I was thinking about that strange frog, and I drew this:

this one is also strange. by me.

When I came home and I showed Lindsay my weird frog drawing, she painted a bunch of little hilarious frog dudes. Here's one:

Lindsay Frog 2.jpg
less strange, more cute. by lindsay.

You can see the rest over on her blog, Lindsay's Sketchbook.

January 31, 2009

Hooray for Capcom Unity!

I am a huge fan of Capcom. Some of my favorite videogame franchises of all time were published by Capcom. Stuff like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man, Okami, Bionic Commando, Pheonix Wright, Darkstalkers, and Marvel VS Capcom (I actually recently payed over 100 bucks to get another copy of Marvel Vs Capcom 2, because it's one of the greatest games of all time). The list could go on.

So when I saw a post on the offical Capcom blog, Capcom Unity, calling out for fan art, I sent them a link to my stuff. Since I did a couple of pieces a while back anyway, I figured 'who better to appreciate it?' I didn't think much of it, and that was a few days ago.

So I was super pleased when I got an email letting me know I was being featured on the blog.

hey, awesome!

They are sending some sort of prize my way, which is even doper. I'm crossing my fingers for an advance copy of Street Fighter 4. A dude can dream, right?

January 29, 2009

being tired sucks.

I drew this drawing today, and I sleepy sketched out some rough color. It's really rough, but so am I.

me sleepy Color sketch.jpg
the pain in those eyes is tangible.

January 22, 2009

I don't see anything yet(i).

So here's my new contribution to the Super Awesome Art Challenge. The theme is Yeti Spaghetti. Hope your screen is calibrated.

you need a fork, dude.

As you may be able to tell, it's made almost entirely with white shapes and drop shadows. I've played around with this approach in the past but never with anything this complicated. And what better subject than a white monster in a white environment eating a white food?

January 15, 2009

27, part 2.

I also drew this on the plane on the way to Hawaii. That's about all I could stand. I kind of hate planes and get sick when I try to draw...

27 so far working.jpg

I was just thinking about my birthday again.

She is a stinky cat.

I drew this sketch on a plane to Hawaii last week, and I just felt like messing around in Photoshop.

oliva stinks.jpg

Yup. That's it.