December 4, 2008

Shred that mighty axe, Santa Claus!

Hey there, why so blue? Don't you know it's December, the month of a pretty righteous dude's birthday? A dude who touches your life in special ways each and every day? Yup, you got it...

In a few short weeks I turn 27 years young! At long last, it's my golden birthday! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some new snowpants.

Oh wait, that's not why you're looking so glum? What's that? You need a great holiday gift for some young, cool dude and/or dudette? And you're too old and out of touch to know what's hip with the kids?

Don't fret! I have the answer!

A Target Gift Card! Of course! Target has everything for everyone! And the prices! So reasonable...

Hmmm... You should probably pick the gift card designed by me. Just to ensure every last ounce of awesome is delivered to the loved one of your choice!

notice the articulated arm. for rockin' so hard you bust your face.

original art, just for fun's sake.

Look near the checkout when you pick yours up. I found some there and near the Stationery section.

There are a lot of options for gift cards, to be sure,, but there's only one by someone you know and love (unless you also know and love Adam).

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