December 27, 2008

It's a golden time in a young boy's life.


Normally, I keep my personal musings to my personal blog, but today is special. Today I am 27.

Doesn't sound special? Consider the fact that my birthday is December 27th. That makes today my Golden Birthday™.

I've waited 27 years for today. But unfortunately, it's been kind of a bad year, this past month especially. So all I really want to do on my Golden Birthday™ is go to sleep. Maybe take a golden shower. Maybe.

But I will celebrate nonetheless. Party hardy and look forward to a new year, and the next 27 years of my life. Hopefully it's filled with good health, lots of art, violent videogames, fuzzy pets and fun times with my soon-to-be-wife, Lindsay.

Now I'm going to keep on keeping on.


1 comment:

rhymeswithfun said...

happy belated golden boy!!!

(but wait, what about prematurely balding pets?)