July 14, 2008

where'd you get that cap?

Have you ever seen someone's work, then met the person and it all fits? Like there's a little bit of that person in everything they've drawn? It happens a lot.

For instance, I usually draw long torsos. Awkward hand positions. Facial hair. And, amazingly enough, pretty much every (person) I draw is ugly.

Today I decided I wanted to work on making people a little less ugly. No, not just a little less ugly, but entirely not ugly.

The problem is that in my mind, ugly = interest. When I have to make someone normal looking, I get bored and it doesn't turn out very interesting.

So I'm going to do some nice little drawings of people who are modestly attractive and don't stay too far from what I normally draw like. I'm going to keep it real simple.

Here's the first one...

normal person.jpg
what a fine young man.

I'd like to point out that this dude looks nothing like me. Well, except the whiskers. And maybe the hat. But that's it.

Also, today's lesson is that people are less ugly when they are based on nice shape (like a circle) and they aren't all lumpy... I'll have to write that one down.


Jesse said...

I don't know man, that guy has a double chin. I think that is bordering on lumpy...

adam H. said...

It may be cheating that you wrote "normal" on there too. Trying to cover your bases, eh?