July 11, 2008

Freakshow Extravaganza

I just sent this off to the printer. It's a promotional mailer for Sandbox Theatre to promote their new play, The Horse, the Monkey, the Bird and the Dancer.

The inspiration for the project was old circus side-show posters. The direction was to include all the titular elements in one image with a slightly dark and bizarre tone.

It got pretty dark. And pretty bizarre.

sandbox mailer
that's a 1/2 of a sexy lady.


Jesse said...

Thats good stuff and some damn intense color.

espadaneira said...

Hello. I´m from Portugal and I intend to create a "Dark Cabaret fan group" in facebook. I ws looking for pictures to put in the main profile, and I think that work have the right message. Since you are the author of this work, I would like to ask you permission to put it in that profile page.
I don´t have means to pay author rights but I can mention your name and site.
If you agree, please (pleeeeeeeeeease)contact me at: espadaneira@gmail.com
Thank you for your attention. I'll wait for your answer.
By the way: good job!