July 3, 2008

A fox has a bushy tail. Believe it.

Let's go from pure ugly to pure cute! Zombies are pretty much pure ugly...

And fox (or foxes) are pretty much the purest form of cute! I would also accept Chinchillas, kittens who sit like little bread loafs and tiny piglets. All are very cute.

hey fox! get out of that snow! ...and into my hugging arms!


Jesse said...

How can you call a fox cute? A fox is a smooth, sly, evil, tricky, back-stabbing killing machine.

Zombies are just dumb an hungry. I think it is probably just bad luck we are their preferred food, else wise I bet they would make a fun pet, like a gerbil.

Lindsay said...

i want to hug him,
I do not want to hug zombies.
not even if they are cute.

░▒★~Shruti G.~★░▒ said...

CUTE FOX!!! Did u draw that pic?