June 30, 2008

Return to Zombies.

Things have been crazy lately. In a not-very-fun way. This past month has been a bit of a non-stop grind. I designed product at a breakneck pace, and spent a lot of my free time working. It was kind of a pain.

But I think the crunch is over and I hope to resume posting a little more regularly. Or maybe tending to other things I've overlooked lately...

Today I drew a tiny, tiny sketch, and within minutes it became this:

die everyday test black.jpg

Then I wanted to play around with some new techniques I've been thinking about. A few minutes later and I had this:

die everyday test.jpg

From sketch to posting, I think I spent 30 minutes working on it. I don't think it's bad for a random thought. I might revisit it and tighten it up. Or not.

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