March 16, 2008

no smock needed.

I picked up Corel Painter this weekend. I'm having a hell of a time wrapping my head around it.

I can tell it's awesomely powerful and I've seen tons of people who do amazing work using it. But coming from hardcore Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator use, it's hard to adjust to it's special brand of logic.

Infact, half of the time I swear it's downright broken. But I know that, like anything else, I just need to learn the tools and practice, practice, practice. And practice.

the text is true. so damn cute.

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Jesse said...

you know, there was a time when I knew all the ins and outs of Painter, and thought it was better than photoshop at things photoshop is clearly better at.

I have not touched painter since version 7 though, I think...

Ahh, the memories.