February 19, 2008

Change is in the wind.

Notice anything new? No? You never notice anything, you jerk! I bet you didn't even notice the highlights I put in my hair last week!

Just, kidding. No need to fight.

I redid the layout of this blog. Making sweeping changes to the backend is stressful. I kept imagining I was going to lose all my posts and comments. But in the end, I was victorious!

The main improvements are tags (which I'll be going back and adding to old posts) and a better archive. Also, the ability to email posts. So now you can pass around my posts to all your family and friends! You're going to be so popular, better dust off the old Letter Jacket and Kissin' Hat.

1 comment:

chris said...

You need a margin betweens the content and the sidebar. Right now they're running right up against each other.