February 29, 2008

press rewind.

Not a whole lot happened in February 2007. At least, nothing that I can remember.

Wait! One of my favorite Magazines, Computer Arts, ran a piece I did in one of their articles. But, I didn't even know about it.

In retrospect, I should have. I had given them some assets and answered some questions, but at the time there was no guarantee they would end up using any of it. And I soon forgot about it.

A few months later, a friend was flipping through an older issue and noticed a piece I did. He promptly forgot about it. But eventually he remembered and gave me the issue. So one year later, I finally saw it. And now you can too.


Hmmm. That was anti-climactic.

February 27, 2008

City Pages online.

I just got a note from the City Pages letting me know they've put together a little gallery of artwork that they've used in their A-List section.


Awesome! Thanks CP! BFF!

You can view the whole gallery here. There's a lot of great work by a bunch of awesome artists.

February 24, 2008

YRGC Grand Opening

This weekend I did some design work for the Yahara River Grocery Co-Op. It's a new Co-Op opening in my hometown of Stoughton, Wisconsin.

My parents are members of the Board of Directors and are on a few of the Co-Op's Committees, so you can guess how I got involved.


I actually had a blast doing it.

And if you're near Madison, WI and feel like visiting a new Co-Op in the heart of a small town, you know the one to check out.

Now I just have to figure out when I'm going to go back to see it....

February 19, 2008

Change is in the wind.

Notice anything new? No? You never notice anything, you jerk! I bet you didn't even notice the highlights I put in my hair last week!

Just, kidding. No need to fight.

I redid the layout of this blog. Making sweeping changes to the backend is stressful. I kept imagining I was going to lose all my posts and comments. But in the end, I was victorious!

The main improvements are tags (which I'll be going back and adding to old posts) and a better archive. Also, the ability to email posts. So now you can pass around my posts to all your family and friends! You're going to be so popular, better dust off the old Letter Jacket and Kissin' Hat.

February 18, 2008

slam dunk!

I've been feeling tight pains in my chest lately. I think it's my soul getting crushed.

Just kidding. I'm a drama queen. But seriously, lately it's been too much art for work, not enough art for fun.

Here's something I've been working on every now and then. Just sort of stream of conscience fun with no real purpose. I started to like it once I added the circles.


It's just for fun and to relax. So I may never touch it again.

February 11, 2008

No... no... No I give up.

I went back to this piece again. Here's the new, much, much darker version. Also, I did an aged polaroid-ish version.

there. i won't go back to it again. probably. maybe

i couldn't resist.

February 10, 2008

kitties are as soft as clouds.

I drew this sleepy kitty a while ago, but here's an updated version.

tired kitty.jpg
yawn. for real.

The goal was to make it look soft. But not mushy. If the goal was to make me sleepy, then mission accomplished.

February 8, 2008

a small owl.

I drew this spooky drawing yesterday. I thought the owls expression was really funny for some reason, so I did a bigger version of him.

oh, that little owl... always standing on a rock. just like owls do.

February 4, 2008

Lindsay's drawings.

Lindsay's been doing some great ink drawings lately and I've taken a couple of them to color.

I think it's a fun way to play and experiment with out getting fussy and caught up in the actual drawing (since I didn't draw them).

I'm bouncing between a few different takes on the same drawing, here's a sneak peak of two of them...



February 2, 2008

red, white and blue.


I've been working on some new graphics to re-skin this blog. This is something I was playing around with and liked.