January 27, 2008

No... No... Notorious!

Likenesses aren't really my thing. I'm actually pretty bad it. But today I just wanted to chill out and paint a portrait of someone for practice and fun. And the Notorious BIG's an interesting looking guy.

I like all types on music. MF Doom, Johnny Cash and the Grease soundtrack all get equal love from me. But my collection leans heavily into hip hop.

I've always liked the Notorious BIG. I'm usually more of an underground / independent kind of guy, but I think Biggy has a place in everyone's collection. He's not a supermodel by any stretch of the imagination, but his personality is so strong he can come off as the smoothest dude around.

In the end, I think this only bears a passing resemblance. But he was just a starting point and it was just for fun. I'm not going to sweat it.

i'm blowin' up like you thought i would...

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