July 31, 2007

a melon of water.

I made this for DG Inventive / Paper Prince tonight. It was quick, fun and cute. Just like me.

a sweaty watermelon slice.

That was refreshing.

July 30, 2007

my enemies are always dropping thier bones.

Here's some bones I'm making for the illustration I'm working on every so often in my (nonexistent) free time.

don't mess with a dude.

July 29, 2007


I really liked the diamond shape I used in the previous posts, so I've been using it to play around with some patterns.

I work in iterations, so I ended up with about 50 variations. But I think these are my three favorites.

ooooh, neon-y.

ooooh. kind of screenprint-ish

just like my man Aladdin; a diamond in the rough.

That's it for now.

July 23, 2007

go (further in)to hell.

EDIT : 1 hour later...
Posting this a few minute ago gave me the urge to play around with it. So here's an update!

those lines scream excitement. or they scream 45 degrees.


When originally talking about the Sandbox Theater's silent auction, we decided upon the slogan "go to hell for a good cause."

Immediately, I had the idea of what I wanted to do, but ultimately it wasn't right for the project. We went with a more circus-style poster, but I still wanted to explore my original idea.

So I did.

diamonds are a girl's the devil's best friend.

I'd like to add some more elements, namely a layer of white and maybe a second color. Just a simple graphic accent that will layer under / over the text and diamond to give it more of a screen printed feel.

I see myself making it into a gift card.

July 11, 2007

go there and die.

I just finished a mailer for Sandbox Theatre (http://aboutthisplay.com). They're having a party / silent auction to raise funds for their new show, War with the Newts. The party will be at Hell's Kitchen Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis.

Hence the theme of the mailer...

no, you go to hell.

More on this (in a semi-unrelated way) to come....

July 4, 2007

Website Redesign

Last weekend I redesigned my site. The resounding response from the peanut gallery was "boo."

More specifically, it was "it's just not you."

Maybe there was some truth there. So I took all criticism to heart and did a re-redeign. Even though those funky, butt-loving nay-sayer's opinions shouldn't matter.

So huzzah! Visit http://hajny.com to check it out.

(I'll be adding a bunch of new work at some point as well, but for now I was just focusing on the external coat of paint. And yes, "funky butt-loving" is a reference to the classic film, Rookie of the Year. I used that quote because "Pitcher's got a big butt! Pitchers got a big butt!" didn't work as well in context.)