January 27, 2007

owls like teenage poetry.

This is an owl in his tree-fort. His world is perpetually dark and constantly peaceful.

He has a lot of time time to think as he sits in his tree-fort looking out over the inky, silent darkness.

He wonders why he lives in such a lonely world.

a tower of solitude is a blessing and a curse.

J/K. He's totally just a silly little bird in a circle tree.

January 20, 2007


It just occurred to me, despite happening a few months ago, I never posted here about my artwork being used in access+ENGAGE. So I will.

My artwork is used as the banner in the newest "issue" of access+ENGAGE. I can't seem to link directly to it (I think you have to subscribe to see it all in it's full glory) but you can take the first step of your access+ENGAGE journey here.

Access+ENGAGE is a free e-newsletter created by mnartists.org (a joint nonprofit project of the McKnight Foundation and the Walker Art Center). It's a twice monthly publication that currently has about 10,000 subscribers.

If you are not a member of mnartists.org, you should be. Assuming you are an artist and living / working in Minnesota.

And if you are not a subscriber to access+ENGAGE, you should be. Assuming you like art and stuff.

Huzzah for access+ENGAGE!

January 15, 2007


I made this today. It came from deep within my soul.

i'm scary. my breath is scary.

It's based on this sketch from a day in the life.


January 14, 2007

Birds think about eggs...

I did a cute sketch for a "Baby Announcement" card a while back. The project was scrapped before I proceeded with final art. Ever since, the sketch has been sitting unfinished, neglected and unloved. Much like babies in general, actually.

I'm kidding. Relax. Babies have lots of love and non-neglect. Trust me.

Anyway, I finally decided to do finish it. For fun.

fun fact : in it's original context, it wouldn't have been colored like this.

I might do more, but consider it done for now.

If I decide I like it, I might do four colorways and package them as a set of four gift cards.

You could even use them for non-baby related purposes if you so desired. Bam!

January 11, 2007

ba humbug V2.0

Hey, what do you know? I actually said I was going to do more work on a piece (see : previous post), and I did!

omg. it's different this time. wrap your head around that.

Crap. Actually, now that I think about, there is a new and untested technique I wanted to try out... Shoot. I may be back for a third post, but I promise nothing.

January 8, 2007

ba humbug.

In the spirit of balancing out all that holiday cheer of the last few posts, here's a little downer, from me to you.

it's funny because it's true.

Let it be known that even I, the epicenter of all that is bright and cheerful, get a little RainyCloud® floating over my head every once in a while.

Yesterday was a RainyCloud® day. So I drew this. I take lemons and make lemonade. Believe it.

It's not done. I've got plans. It could be very cool. Stay tuned.

More holiday cheer. For you. Take it.

Here are two more cards I did for Diversified Graphics Invent!ve.

a tree. at night, no less.

a snowman with bird-like friends.

Huzzah! Hip hip! Hoo...ray... ...


...all this "holiday cheer" stuff is exhausting me.