December 22, 2007

W.I.P. (Work in Progress)

I was sitting here working on a new project, and I had the urge to clean house on my desktop.I started putting unfinished pieces of art into the "In Progress" folder I have to keep track of all the art I've started and want to finish. Someday.

Then I realized I had actually started a second folder called "New Art" that is also waiting for more attention.

Here's a screen capture of both the folders with all the pieces that have gone unloved and unfinished. They could stay that way forever. Maybe. Probably, I guess.

above : my poor neglected children sit quietly, tossed aside and forgotten. much like my real children, if i were i to have any.

But don't cry! Dry those big doe-eyes! Because for every piece that's fallen into the deep, dark recesses of the dreaded "In Progress" folder there's another that's blossomed into a kind-of-glorious and slightly-loved piece of art!

And that warms the cockles of my heart! It's also the meaning of Christmas, I think.


adam H. at Drawl Graphic said...

Hmmm, your desktop looks like my much to do, so little time.

lindsaydrawlgraphic said...

and your brain looks like my butt...