December 29, 2007

new site. new illustration. new bandana.

I'm working on a new site. It's not a total redo, but it's a pretty drastic change. It's pretty much all I've been working on the last few days, and it still might be a while before it's ready.

But this post isn't really about my new site, it's about what I'm wearing while I work on my new site.

I like scarves and bandanas, I wear one or the other pretty much everyday. Which is why Lindsay gave me the Mustache Bandana set (made by Burlesque of North America) for my birthday yesterday.

excuse me sir, do you have a dumbbell for me to lift. or a bicycle with one large wheel for me to ride?

Rad. Also, in a few days I'll be posting a new piece with a step-by-step of the various stages of completion. I just want to wait until the final product is out. Thanks for waiting.

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