December 8, 2007

i've got to get me one of those.

I'm back from (the first part of) the holidays and a way awesome trip to Mexico.

While in Mexico, we had a crazy encounter with a giant, ferocious Ghost*. It was totally spooky. You wouldn't believe me if I told you.

After we narrowly escaped it's icy death-grip of Ghosti-tude, I was left wishing I had a nice, warm Ghost-Proof Suit. For next time.

whoa! i hate g-g-g-ghosts! but i do like regular ghosts. either way you slice it, a ghost-proof suit couldn't hurt.

* No actual Ghosts were enountered in Mexico. It must have been some seaweed that touched my foot or something.

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adam H. at Drawl Graphic said...

It should also be noted that ghost proof suits DON'T keep out zombies. Man that's one lesson I wish I hadn't learned the hard way.