November 23, 2007

see? monster.

I got close, but this isn't finished. The Thanksgiving holiday snuck up on me. And it's a crazy one.

I'll be on the road all week and the week after I'll be in Mexico.

If I didn't post it now, it would have been a while. So here is a Sea Monster, in progress...

too much ice cream.

November 11, 2007

it's raining mathematic-based lines.

i hate it when i get caught in a vector storm without an umbrella.

I made this just to experiment. Now that I've added the vector lines, I might change the color...

November 4, 2007

don't smoke. it's a joke.

It's been kind of quiet here lately. I'm not free to post most of what I'm working on, so it's hard to get an opportunity to post anything at all.

Heck, even A Day in the Life is a little slow.

I have been playing around a lot, though, experimenting and usually ending up with a big pile of lame.

But here's something I made that I actually think is cool. So huzzah.

it's not easy being green blue.