July 4, 2007

Website Redesign

Last weekend I redesigned my site. The resounding response from the peanut gallery was "boo."

More specifically, it was "it's just not you."

Maybe there was some truth there. So I took all criticism to heart and did a re-redeign. Even though those funky, butt-loving nay-sayer's opinions shouldn't matter.

So huzzah! Visit http://hajny.com to check it out.

(I'll be adding a bunch of new work at some point as well, but for now I was just focusing on the external coat of paint. And yes, "funky butt-loving" is a reference to the classic film, Rookie of the Year. I used that quote because "Pitcher's got a big butt! Pitchers got a big butt!" didn't work as well in context.)

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