July 23, 2007

go (further in)to hell.

EDIT : 1 hour later...
Posting this a few minute ago gave me the urge to play around with it. So here's an update!

those lines scream excitement. or they scream 45 degrees.


When originally talking about the Sandbox Theater's silent auction, we decided upon the slogan "go to hell for a good cause."

Immediately, I had the idea of what I wanted to do, but ultimately it wasn't right for the project. We went with a more circus-style poster, but I still wanted to explore my original idea.

So I did.

diamonds are a girl's the devil's best friend.

I'd like to add some more elements, namely a layer of white and maybe a second color. Just a simple graphic accent that will layer under / over the text and diamond to give it more of a screen printed feel.

I see myself making it into a gift card.

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