June 3, 2007

Fun with Type?

I am a details person. Little details matter. A lot of times, the final attention to detail can bring a piece from "meh" to "wow."

I was playing around with hajny.com today, changing a few things here and there. It's slightly different now, but you wouldn't know unless you were pretty familiar with previous design.

But it made me want to play with some grey on grey text. Call me crazy.

#1 - the original, nice enough, right?

#2 - ohhhh, much nicer....?

#3 - reversed, and exaggerated a bit. maybe not quite at nice.

That's it, the end. #2 wins. Or maybe not. Maybe #1 is the best. I can't tell anymore.

Sorry my "fun" diversions don't always equal a riveting read. I declare this post the most boring post ever. I can do that, being the mayor of this blog and all.

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