April 30, 2007

cobra commander

I've been working a lot and I just had to unwind by doing a little digital painting.

I'm going to work on this snake when I need to unwind. Here's the first day's addition. I did it really quick, just for fun and to clear my head so I can sleep.

And I like it. Kind of a lot.

cobra. of the non-G.I. Joe variety.

Phase One

Here's the first big step from the sketch shown previously....

But first, a quick expaination : I'm doing this to participate in Do It Your Mole! because it looks fun.

And not only does it look fun, but it is fun. So that's that.

I wanted to get the front (basically) finished so I know exactly where I was going when I draw the arms, sides, ears and back.

Front :

coming soon - the rest.

April 23, 2007

evil sketch.

I'm working on a fun project for fun. I did a bunch of sketches, less for fun and more to decide what to do.

Here's one:

boo. i scared you. i made you poop your pants.

Oh yeah, the shape is dictated by the project. You can expect to see more on this soon. Infact, I've started on the final, here's a special sneak-peek.

super-special sneak-peek square!

this sneak-peek does not represent the final...anything. all stuff's subject to change if the mood strikes me. and it may.

April 15, 2007

space hand

I'm learning Flash, which is sort of awesome but doesn't produce immediatly spectacular results. I haven't posted anything I've created so far because, believe me, basic ActionScript exercises ain't that exciting.

But I did create one thing so far that does have some charm, for some reason. It's so stupid and pointless I couldn't help but share it with all of you wondering what I've been up to...

So I present to you, space hand.

P.S. It's already so well-received that some loyal and plucky young fan has sent the first piece of fan art!

fan art by adam H : fanboy extrordinaire!

April 9, 2007

whoa. art show.


Drawl Graphic is participating in an art show! The opening reception is Wednesday, April 7th from 7 to 9, at the St Paul Tea Garden (1692 Grand Ave, St Paul). There's a ton of art by a ton of people. All of them rock harder than your face.

Also, bubble tea, cupcakes, music and plenty of awesome dudes and dudettes to rub elbows with. So be there or be ridiculed and unhappy.

P.S. The work will be up until May 2nd, for the slackers.

April 2, 2007

Team Pawsome! Working OVERTIME.

Team Pawsome; a reality at last.

Armed with a hearty supply of oxygen, fun and wee!, Team Pawsome is ready to tackle any obstacle, no matter how adorable. Blast-off.

click image to open a huge version right in your goddam face!

P.S. This is my 69th post. Team Pawsome approves of this announcement, even though they are much too cute to understand what it means. Much too cute.