March 9, 2007

where do babies come from?

"Where do Cutie Kitties come from?"

It's an age-old question mankind has pondered and debated for many moons. It has remained an elusive mystery that neither science or religion could solve.

But last night, as I was drifting of to dreamland, it struck me... Cutie Kitties come from Cuppycakes!

I bolted out of bed and did a sketch to prove my theory. Today I ran rigorous tests and found that, indeed, Cutie Kitties do come from Cuppycakes.

Now behold...indisputable proof!

fig 1-1 : a cutie kitty emerging from a delicious frosted cuppycake.



Adam at Drawl Graphic said...

That explains a lot of things. Too bad they don't smell like cuppycakes.

an-hell-ita said...

youre so STRANGE!
Everyone gets those late night crazy thoughts, thats why its good to sleep with a sketch book under your pillow:)