March 11, 2007

operation : rescue that!

What's this sketch?

It might be underwater. It might be outer-space. But that's not important right now.

Here's what is important : it's a cute rescue team on an exciting rescue mission. A mission to rescue something / someone!

i sure hope Team Paw-some is up to the challenge of rescuing that adorably helpless kitten from the Hiss Abyss.

More on that later.

March 9, 2007

where do babies come from?

"Where do Cutie Kitties come from?"

It's an age-old question mankind has pondered and debated for many moons. It has remained an elusive mystery that neither science or religion could solve.

But last night, as I was drifting of to dreamland, it struck me... Cutie Kitties come from Cuppycakes!

I bolted out of bed and did a sketch to prove my theory. Today I ran rigorous tests and found that, indeed, Cutie Kitties do come from Cuppycakes.

Now behold...indisputable proof!

fig 1-1 : a cutie kitty emerging from a delicious frosted cuppycake.