February 20, 2007

crow. part one.

Buck 65's Strong Arm album was "recorded in a day on a budget of $0 and it shows." It was released online a while back for free (go to the Show and Tell section of his website to download it). From start to finish, it's loose, dirty, urgent, funny, beautiful and heartbreaking.

I was listening to it this morning and it me inspired to do something quick and fun. I've been working on various websites quite a bit lately, which is anything but quick and fun, so I just wanted something I could start and finish in one sitting.

part one of two.

The text is from a lyric from Strong Arm that always sticks out to me : "the crow wished everything were black, the owl that everything was white."

I've already started the owl companion piece.

1 comment:

Minty said...

That is a very haunting piece of art.

Your site is really cool; I'll stop by again soon.